Have you ever looked at a picture and wondered about the story behind the pic? 


My hubby and I have always liked old pictures. We have a particular picture that is hundreds of years old. On many occasion, we have gazed upon the pic and wondered about the story behind it. There is the obvious things, the people are playing croquet and the stately home of the times is in the background but that is what the eye can see. What made the artist create this particular picture? Was it a family reunion? A weekly meeting of friends? None of these questions can be answered by gazing at our picture...no matter how long we look at it.

 With this fact in mind, Dew Photography VA doesn't just sell signed matted prints, we include the story in the packaging. However, because things can be separated, we will include the online link with the artist signature on the back of the print. Therefore, as years go by and the print either is passed on in a family or bought and sold many times; there will be a link to the story behind the print. 

When you buy a Dew Photography VA signed matted "Life of a Picture" print you will become a part the the story. 

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